As most of our puppy families know, we were scheduled to relocate to Montana. With the wide spread of the COVID-19 virus, it has changed our plans for us. High West will remain here in Oregon. We continue to look forward to seeing you all and to meeting with all of our new puppy owners!

High West Australian Shepherds are raised near the beautiful Blue Mountains, and rolling hills of wheat fields here in Pendleton, OR. Our Family started raising aussies because we loved what a wonderful breed they are. Loyal companions, true friends, outstanding family dogs, and they are amazing with my kiddos! Ranging from agility to service dogs, they SHINE in whatever they do! We simply enjoyed them, and wanted others to have the same opportunity to own and love an Aussie. We live on a ranch with several acres of land, we decided what better way to enjoy the beautiful countryside than to share it with these fun loving Australian Shepherds! My husband operates a ranch with several cows, so our family love's taking the dogs with us on long gathers, trails, and horseback rides. From 4-wheeler's, to fishing and camping, they are right there with us to take it all in! We breed for quality, well structured dogs with a sound disposition. Most of all a great temperament! We are a small breeding program so we take pride in producing the best in all categories, temperment, ability, conformation, and health. Our family invite's you to join us in taking home a few of these fun loving Aussie puppies that will bring the adventure to you, and become a part of the High West Aussie family...




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