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The Wellingtons, AK.

Thank You High West and Jodi for giving us a special and fun experience! Your Dogs are the best in the west!

The Bjellands, WA.

Jodi you have done outstanding  breeding on all your dogs! You have a beautiful place for the puppies to grow up on. The trainer said that our Sassy was one of the best Aussies she has ever worked with.  I will not buy from anyone else but High West, as you have the finest Aussies I have ever had the pleasure of owning!

The Robinson Family, CA.

High West Aussies have the most wonderful dogs! We have loved our Ellie girl, she is so smart and has the best temperament! She has been very easy to train! Thank you Jodi for raising such beautiful dogs!

Marilyn, OR.

Cooper is truly a joy... he is my shadow and takes care of the cats! Couldn't have asked for a better fit for me, thank you so much for such a beautiful , smart, boy!

The Kholby's, CA.

What a beautiful surrounding and facility for your dogs! We had a wonderful experience and appreciated the professionalism and time you spent with us. You raise wonderful Aussies and we would recommend any one of your dogs. Thanks for helping us get the right fit, we love our boy Silas!

The Anderson's, ID.

We had a great experience with Jodi and would highly recommend her dogs! She is very professional and quick to get to any questions that we had.  She continued to keep in contact over time helping us to settle in with being new owners of a puppy and with  no experience.  She quickly helped point us in the right direction on questions with the right places to look into. Thank you Jodi for all your help and for being a trusted breeder! We love Sammy and  our new adventures!

Lewis, OR.

I Cannot say enough wonderful things about High West! The easy process of choosing a pup, quick and detailed communication and overall wonderful family. You can tell from the professionalism they take great pride in the quality of their dogs and we could not be happier to have a High West Aussie as part of our family!

Crystal, MT.

I absolutely LOVE High West Aussies, so much that I have three! Jodi and her family raises amazing pups that are great life long companions. My three beautiful pups have perfect Aussie temperaments. They are down to go on long walks or hikes, but also love their cuddle time and just to hang out. They are super smart and very quick learners. I have been very impresses with how easy it has been to train my girls and the amount of learned by such a young age. I will only buy from High West because of all the love that goes into each dog they raise. Jodi is great about posting/sending updates on your future fur baby. The area they raise their pups is a stunning place with lots of room for them to grow and enjoy the outdoors. Jodi means it when she says when you buy from High West you are branded for life. I will always be extremely grateful for my beautiful pups that are way more than I even hoped for!

The McDougall's, WA.

You have been so kind and enthusiastic throughout the process. We didn't have to spend months and months dealing with difficult breeders and unfulfilled hopes. Instead, we met you early on in the process and things worked out smoothly. We appreciate the kindness, the love and care you show to the animals you raise. Thank you! 


Bringing Happiness to families...Branded for Life!

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